WIN! OXO Tot Feeding Accessories – Perfect for Growing Babies

Are you approaching the stage of introducing solid food into your child’s diet? While it can be great fun for kids, experimenting with new textures and tastes, it can be a messy time for parents. We’ve been checking out OXO Tot’s range of feeding equipment to see if it could make parents’ lives easier.

The baby days are behind us, a beautiful but distant past. When OXO Tot contacted us to look at their range we were intrigued. We are great supporters of baby-led weaning, seeing the amazing results of this method first hand with both daughters. Benefits which are still noticeable today in terms of their curious appetites and ability to know when they’re full.

The challenge of feeding growing children never goes away – sorry to be a doom merchant. The obstacles just change. Whereas my two have fabulous appetites now, it’s still a battle to get them to try new foods – especially if they look funny or are GREEN! This was particularly heart-breaking with my youngest, who would literally eat anything. One day, she just started being picky. But you roll up your sleeves, pick a strategy and stick with routines which work.

infant feedingPart of the early challenges for babies with finger food is grabbing and keeping the food in the hand all the way to the mouth! I remember the frustration of my two only too well. But when they master it, there’s a turning point – they start to develop a positive relationship with food. The upturned sides and removable lip on the training plate, gives baby a chance to push and scoop, without their prey sliding off the plate.

AND…thanks to those lovely people at OXO Tot, we have a training plate plus one of their Transitions™ Soft Spout Sippy Cups to give away.  Simply complete the Gleam entry form below to enter. Good luck!

OXO Tot Giveaway

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  1. With a 2year old and 16 week old grandsons, meal times are a complete disaster as the 2 year seems to be the messiest eater going.

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