Zoo-day, Tuesday

We took the family off to Drusillas Zoo  for a well-deserved family day out. Read the full review here.

The last time we took our eldest, she was just shy of 2 years old, so it will be interesting to see what she makes of the animals she’s only too familiar with from the pages of her bedtime reading.

Ever since our babies have been on this planet, they’ve been surrounded by animals. The stuffed, furry variety that is. My eldest daughter has moved on to be inspired by books, most with stories about domestic and exotic animals. Our one year old has a firm friendship with our cat and can already successfully mimic a duck. Young children are aware that we share this planet with other creatures than humans from a very early age.

For us parents, it’s not only heartwarming to see the little ones get excited to see animals moving and interacting but a chance to teach them about different species and ecosystems. Sounds a bit sophisticated for pre-schoolers but isn’t this where their education begins? We live in a complex world and controversially, I believe that modern zoos can help them understand behaviours of animals and cultivate the respect we should have for the planet.

Plus there is always something going on at Drusillas. Whether it’s the kids favourite CBeebies personalities visiting or news about the zoo’s animal family. Last month, Drusillas found success with their flamingo breeding programme, a chick hatched 26th July, so we will trying to get a peek if possible. Plus I can’t wait to walk through the Lemur enclosure again, I could watch those cheeky ‘monkeys’ for hours.

We think we’re fortunate to have an award winning attraction on our doorstep in Sussex and can’t wait to see what’s waiting for us tomorrow.

Note to readers: Drusillas have kindly offered us a family ticket but all the views in this post are my own.

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