Work ready??

Our second post about getting work life balance right, this post is from Claire at Seventeen HR. You can find out more about her in this post and find out why she has started a new training course called ‘Get Work Ready’.
Work ready??
Not likely! Well in many ways going back to work seemed like a a great idea. I strangely longed to be back in my pencil skirt and heels instead of looking like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards! I exaggerate of course but the choice between looking almost human but with a muslin cloth square attached to my shoulder at all times or looking and feeling like my old self I knew what the choice would be.
Don’t get me wrong becoming a mum was amazing, especially as I had been blessed with two little bundles of joy. But having twins changed everything on my returning to work plan. Or at least I convinced myself this was the case, the reality was that having one baby in my thirties was going to present challenges,  having two just meant I needed to be sure of what I wanted next. When I went on maternity leave  I was fully in the swing of being a successful woman in the work place, trying to imagine myself back in that environment started a process in my head that I could never have predicted.
I had my eldest when I was 21 and my career had been built around her and quite successfully. My need to return to work was a necessary task, financially I didn’t have any choice. I don’t remember it being traumatic;  it was as I say often: “it is what it is”. But yet 10 years later when faced with the return to work after having the twins; the thought was truly horrific. Horrific because after being off for over two years I felt like is forgotten everything I’d spent the previous ten years learning! I’d lost my identity! I was now the lady who had twins, Wife of one, mother of three… I’d forgotten who I was! How on earth could I go back to a position of responsibility, managing a team of 15 with as many targets to hit on a daily basis. It seemed like a mountain too high to climb.
Any of that sound familiar? I want to tell you that journey does not need to be as hideous as perhaps it appears.  In 2013 I decided after years of managing large teams, executive coaching and delivering training to set up on my own.  Since then I have been helping people just like you to ‘Get Work Ready’.  Developing yourself in three easy 4 hour workshops and having some ‘you time’ to help with Embracing Change, Building Confidence and then give your the skills required to be Assertive and get what you want.  Understanding it’s ok to say no, after all you have already gained amazing experience in building and maintaining relationships, day to day managing of streamline processes to ensure efficient strategic delivery. All in the name of getting the kids up, washed, dressed, fed and out the front door ready for school with a clean uniform, clean shoes, P.E bag, last weekends project and a packed lunch!
This May Seventeen HR will be  offering ‘Get yourself work ready’ at Ham Manor Golf Club in Angmering. If you would like to attend this three-workshop programme call me on 07962377319 or drop me an email on Start your journey!
By Claire Adams from Seventeen HR

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