Why You Should Be Hosting Events From Your Facebook page

If you’re running an event, class or an awareness campaign, setting it up on Facebook makes it easy to share among friends therefore a greater chance of that event going viral. Smart businesses use their Facebook page to create events for their business, as they know it’s a great way to build engagement around their page and brand.

Screenshot 2015-03-26 09.11.20If you haven’t created an event via Facebook or at least attended one then I can only assume you don’t use Facebook at all. Or you’ve been hiding under a rock, or both. But when it comes to your business or social organisation you should also be using Facebook events to publicise key dates in diaries or actual gatherings you are hosting. All too often I see individuals creating events for their business from their personal accounts which misses a wealth of opportunities to increase engagement on their page and therefore, around their service.

What we know about Facebook events…

They appear in newsfeeds – When a friend creates an event, it appears in your feed. When they attend an event it also appears in your feed.

Facebook suggests events – When you browse events or check your events calendar in Facebook, a list of suggested events appear based on what your Facebook friends are going to or events near to your location.

Events are organised for you – Facebook reminds you when events are coming up plus creates a visual calendar in order to see a summary. Now you can ‘save’ events you’re interested in going to but haven’t confirmed.

Synchronise events with your life – You can import events to iCal and Google calendar, meaning all your private reminders for dentists, doctors and parents evenings plus more public social engagements can all be stored in one place, including on your phone and tablet.

What you may not know about Facebook page hosted events…

Hosting from your organisation gives context – Users will quickly trust the source and understand the host. And if they want to know more about the host, they click back to your page, potentially to your website and a deeper level of engagement begins. It also keeps your personal profile separate from your business.

Use events as milestones – Just because you don’t organise actual events, don’t dismiss the Facebook events function. Creating events for virtual events such as launches, flash sales or other promotions for your organisation increases the buzz around your activity. Using the events wall, you can create buzz and encourage engagement plus use images or video.

Create an events tab – If hosting events is an integral part of your business, then you need the events tab static on your page menu.

Users can now subscribe to Facebook page events – Those who want to make sure they don’t miss your events can subscribe. Each time you add a new event, they receive a notification. For hyperlocal websites such as BrightonMums.com, it means we can promote suitable to our networks, even auto-import to our events calendar on our website.

Invest in promotion – You can now boost your events with a little investment to suit your budget. Using Facebook’s targeting tool, you can promote to a niche market suited to your service or brand.

Track engagement with your Facebook event – Using the Insights tool you can see who is engaging with your event and adapt your campaign to increase success.

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What our video on how to set up events from your page:



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