Why we are Proud and Out at Brighton Pride

They can be who they want to be

It wouldn’t be the same if now Brighton Mums have 3 children between them that we didn’t introduce the newest little one to one of the biggest events on Brighton’s Calender.

Brighton Pride means a lot to the both of us and when watching the parade we discussed why this was so important to us – mainly because this event shows our children that they can be anything they want to be and be part of a community where individuality is really appreciated.


For Chelle Brighton Pride shows that a community can be together, enjoy each others company without questioning sexuality, background, ethnicity. It is important to her that her daughter feels that she can be who she is without negativity. It truly is a welcoming event for our city and one as parents we should be proud of. Although this year was the first of 10 that Chelle hasn’t been to the park it felt great being out and about in Brighton with the Pride vibe.

Claire always has a blub during the Parade, with or without hormones! Partly because it makes her sad that some people can’t be who they want to be without victimisation, otherwise we wouldn’t need a ‘Pride’ parade. But she also wells up with pride that there are people in the world willing to stand up for what they believe in and show the world who they are. It’s inspirational to all those in society who struggle with identity. It’s important that her daughters grow up in an environment where they are free to express themselves positively and Brighton & Hove Pride is a symbol of that. We may not be at the heart of the LBGT community but we have many friends and colleagues who are. We come out to support Pride for them and all these reasons.


We would like to thank Three UK for the loan of their Samsung Ace to use for our vlogging at this event! Check them out on Facebook for regular competitions.

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