What you can expect from a BrightonMums.com review

What you can expect from a Brighton Mums product or service review

To Our Readers

As we are busy parents of young children, we know that time is precious, so genuine, independent reviews can help us make decisions on where to spend our precious family income. We started BrightonMums.com as we are passionate about sharing our experiences so that other parents and carers can benefit from the extra knowledge. Where we have been given a product or discount from a manufacturer as an incentive to review, it will clearly say that we have received the item or service for free at the start of the article. Companies are advised that we will give a completely independent opinion before giving products or discounts to the BrightonMums.com parent panel. Love Local is completely our own views and no discounts or free goods/ services have been received.

Manufacturers, retailers or service providers

Parents want to hear about your products. We like to know what choices are our there for us as consumers. The more we can talk about, the better! Parents want tried, tested and balanced reviews which is our firm policy at BrightonMums.com . Samples reviewed can be returned or offered for competition prizes if appropriate and requested by the company. We will clarify any key issues we have with the product or service to ensure we are using it correctly and give right of reply. We hope with each review to develop a partnership with companies who are intent on giving families value for money and give our readers quality feedback.

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