What To Buy Second Babies

How do you pick a special gift for parents expecting their second or subsequent children? They most likely have the essential kit and if they have a good selection of non-gender specific baby clothes, it’s a very short list of what they really do need.

armani junior baby girls romperShortly after my second daughter was born I found myself shopping for new baby clothes. Partly because I yearned for some retail therapy but mostly because we needed more clobber. She was born at a different time of year to my first daughter, so hand-me-downs weren’t exactly working out. People very kindly brought her new toys and souvenir gifts to mark her birth but not many bought clothes. It’s a fair assumption to make, that we would already have what we need.

catimini girlBut it’s exactly why I now buy clothes as new baby gifts for friends or family having subsequent children. I’d look for a more indulgent item, perhaps designer or one that you may not find on the high street but definitely something parents wouldn’t normally buy themselves. That way the new brother or sister gets a special outfit of their own.

Perhaps I’m projecting my emotional attachment with clothes. I hold on to items that will never fit me or the kids again purely because they hold a special memory of where or when we wore them. I have a tiny Stone Pony baby grow my Dad proudly brought back from the famous venue in New Jersey, U.S.A. which I’m holding on for the next generation. I’ve kept a variety of size 10 clothes from 6th form days, even though I’ve been fighting with a size 14 for the last 15 years.

Finding a website with a great selection of  designer clothes, such as Ralph Lauren Kids, can be a challenge mostly on the cyber trawl-time factor. So when you find one you like, such as Strawberry’s site where I’ve posted the gallery from below, don’t forget to bookmark it!


The post was brought to you in association with Strawberry.

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