What I’m Wearing To BritMums Live

It’s the day before BritMums Live 2015. There’s a lot of pre-event buzz including featuring your conference outfit which is fab but I’m just in awe of where everyone gets the time to get involved! What am I wearing? Here’s the shortlist:

1. Whatever is clean.

After coming back from a weekend away and then straight back into the routine of juggling work, kids and general household stuff that has to get done (remortgaging, water meter appointments, school forms, birthday cards, parties to sort) I’m just grateful that stuff is clean. Admittedly this will be down to my husband who is laundry master extraordinaire. My clothes haven’t seen an iron since 2008.

2. Whatever is comfortable.

Yeah, one year I wore heels I think (or was it to Cybher) and it was a big mistake. When you get to London you realise hardly anyone wears foot-wrecking heels. And that’s because at some point, unless you’re plush enough to afford taxis or have a driver, you will need to do some walking. To Tube stations, to your hotel, to the venue. Look around you. Not many unfit people in London. Also, when you’re moving around so much at BritMums, from seated to standing, I need to wear clothing I don’t have to adjust dramatically each time!

3. Whatever makes me feel like me.

I have always loved clothes. Since my Grandma used to show me her bottom drawer hoard of treasures from her days in the ladies department in Alders in Croydon. Such stylish 50s and 60s tops. But ultimately, after years of experimenting with fashion, I end up wearing similar garments through each fashion season. Because what I wear is part of my personality and that does not change as drastically as Spring/Summer lines. I’ve loved scouring the pinboard to see other bloggers creations for that reason. Can I guess their personality from their chosen clothes?

4. Whatever I feel like putting on that morning.

I have never been much of an outfit planner. I like to wake up in the morning, look at what’s clean (or what may be salvageable from the washing basket) and wear it. What I chose to wear always depends on what mood I’m in. Obviously for Saturday, this will be whatever I fancied putting in my suitcase on Friday morning. But my Saturday morning self will just have to deal with that.

5. Make-up.

I am known in my circles as a true make-up fanatic but lately I’ve stopped wearing it most weeks. I sometimes don’t even wear make-up for meetings! Shock. Horror. Look. Away. But for BritMums I will be putting on some lippy. Probably some tinted moisturiser or BB cream. A touch of blusher. A neutral coloured eye paint. Oh and yep, go on…some mascara, you twisted my arm.

My typical blogging look.
My typical blogging look.

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