Welcome Baby With These Top Must-Haves

First-time expectant couples may be overwhelmed by all the baby gear options they see during the months leading up to their child’s birth. It can be difficult to know what is truly needed and what is just a splurge or luxury. To help out, we’ve compiled a list of useful, necessary and durable items that couples can register for before their new addition comes along.


Whether couples are preparing for co-sleeping or crib use, they will need the right equipment. Here are some of the essentials.

Crib: Eventually, one will be needed, even if couples co-sleep for the first few months.
Bassinet: There are many configurations for small beds or baskets that can be stationed next to parents’ bed for late-night feedings.
Bedding: Couples should opt for organic baby sheets like those from Boll & Branch as well as other bedding items. Don’t forget waterproof mattress pads and swaddling blankets.

2011-11-16 22.25.34Clothing

Babies grow out of clothes quickly, but there are some basics parent should have in a variety of sizes to get their child through the first year. Couples are likely to receive a lot of clothing as gifts at baby showers.

Cotton bodysuits: Plain white or with funny sayings on the front, these will be used almost daily.
Bibs: For drooling or dining, these are essential.
Diapers: Whether following the cloth-diaper trend or using plastic, diapers will always be needed.


The gear required for feeding will depend a great deal on the method expectant mothers plan to use: breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

Bottle basics: Bottles, nipples, and a sterilizer are vital.
Breastfeeding: Parents should buy a pump and accessories for days on the go.
Other options: A nursing bra, a nursing pillow, and a cover might be on a couple’s wishlist.


Transporting a child, even to the grocery store, takes a lot of gear. Here are some must-haves for travel.

Car seat: Register for a new one, plus multiple bases for uses in various cars.
Stroller: For longer trips, being able to put the baby down for a push is crucial. Look for options that are not too heavy and easily collapsible.
Diaper bag: It will be packed full of diapers, extra clothes and other necessities.

At Home

A wishlist should include some general items that will be used in at home.

Bath tub, lotions, and cleansers
Play mat and bouncy seat
Travel play pen/crib
High chair
Getting geared up for baby is big process but one that many couples enjoy. Amp up the anticipation by registering for these crucial items.

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