Weather, Weather, What To Wear?

Screenshot 2015-04-16 08.23.16Spring is that time of the year when the weather decides to taunt us and our wardrobe decisions. The only way to play it safe when you go out is to take a roomy bag to store plenty of layers of clothing for all weather eventualities.

These days, thanks to our mobile devices, we can check the hourly weather report for the day ahead which makes planning practical style much easier. But it’s not always accurate and after a long winter, sometimes it’s difficult to remember what 12 degrees Celsius feels like before deciding exactly what to wear. Which is why practical layers make sense. And it’s possible to layer up for all occasions.

I am the self-styled Queen of Layering Up. My bedroom chest of drawers are bulging full of vests, short-sleeved t-shirt tops and long-sleeved tops; oodles of colour and pattern combinations for any occasions. It’s a collection I lovingly built up over time, caring well for each garment so I can use season in, season out. I’ve got the bags to match and an array of comfy, flat footwear depending on the occasion (heels are part of my dim and distance LBK – Life Before Kids).

Here’s my essential Spring layer strategy:

Vests – I find shoestring straps the best, with plenty of Lycra for shape sculpting. I also have a few thermal vests to put under tops for evenings. You never know how chilly they will actually get!

Screenshot 2015-04-16 08.11.44Long-sleeved tops – I prefer the stretchy kind which would fit well over other layers and when I buy a new top, I always consider which vests/ t-shirts would complement it. That way I can layer up in confidence and not be awkwardly adjusting my sleeves or neck all day!

Leggings – Although Primark is great for picking up value-for-money pairs of leggins, even the new improved material they are using sags after multiple washes and the thread around the seams frays. Investing in a few good pairs of leggings means you can fish them out while manically getting dressed in the midst of your chaotic morning, safe in the knowledge they will look good. Having a couple of non-iron tunic or wrap dresses makes this combination easy and timeless suiting most body shapes.

Denim – It’s personal isn’t it? We all have our preferred shop for jeans. So I can’t really tell you the best place to buy the ultimate pair, you already know that. In terms of the layered look, denim is essential and with the advent of the ‘jegging’ style, no matter where your curves lay, you can design an ensemble to keep you warm, chic and happy!


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