Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Your Marriage Proposal

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Before ‘The Brady Bunch,’ the idea of blended families weren’t regularly seen or promoted in the open, but thankfully society has progressed immensely since then. Family is what you make of it, and so when you want to add a new addition to your family unit, make sure that you involve your kids in the process.   Not only will they be happy to be included in your marriage proposal, your soon to be fiancée will thoroughly understand just how sincere your intentions are. Start with a hand-picked engagement ring from Ascot Diamonds, then plan a family oriented marriage proposal that leaves your significant other completely awestruck.

Getting Input From Your Kids

Telling your kids of your intent to get engaged will immediately strengthen your bonds. Children are often the last to know about important decisions made regarding their lives, so the fact that you are telling them in advance and asking for their help will make them very eager to help. This is also an ideal time to hash out any emotional turmoil that may come as a result of future family structure changes. Listen to your kids as they make suggestions on how to officially pop the question, while being sensitive to their personal questions. Pull out a notebook and jot down your kids’ most creative ideas so that you can plan a day that none of you will forget.

Do a Run Through

Before proposing to your significant other, you should set the stage, get all of the characters into place and do a dry run. If you have younger children, make sure that they stay on cue, and if you have older kids, give them more responsibilities so that they feel that they have a solid place in your life. Undoubtedly, your kids are going to have many great ideas for making your marriage proposal unique, so it is going to take a joint effort to get everything right. Remember not to put too much pressure on your children not to make mistakes as the thought and effort is much more important than making things perfect.

Pulling the Trigger with the Help of Family

After you have decided how you will propose, everything has been practiced and everyone knows what their role is, get your engagement ring polished up, check the box it is stored in and try to calm your nerves. The day that you propose is likely to be hectic if not downright chaotic. When the moment arrives, give your kids a wink and a smile, then set the stage for a heart-warming and emotional marriage proposal. Be sure to make celebration plans as a blended family unit after you make your proposal so that you all get quality time together for the first time as a cohesive unit.

Your kids may bombard you with questions, or even slip up and spill the beans, but remember that children truly desire that their parents are always happy. Embrace the spirit of the moment, no matter how your engagement plans go. If the bond between you and your kids is strong, involving them in your proposal plans will only make it better.

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