Wall of Fame: Hannah Jeeves


Hannah Jeeves is 25 and a mother of one living in Lewes. She is the writer and editor of Make, Do and Push! the blog she started in September 2012 to document her journey into the wilderness of Motherhood.

Hannah has recently been shortlisted for a BritMums BiB (Brilliance in Blogging) Award, and has also just joined the Brighton Mums team as a regular contributor!


As well as writing, Hannah enjoys crafting and photography… oh, and gin. Lots of gin.

Tell us about your kids? I’m a new mummy to baby Beatrice, born in December 2012. She’s utterly amazing, and I spend everyday in awe of her; I honestly can’t believe how quickly they grow and change!

Tell us about your partner/ family/ support network? I’m engaged to my other raison d’être, Nick, who is a Physicist at the County Hospital. He’s a superstar, and is so supportive!

Are you Brighton born and bred? I am indeed – although I’m living in Lewes at the moment. I miss Brighton so much; one day I hope to move back, as I miss everything… the atmosphere, the sea, the shops, even the crazies…!

What’s the best thing about being a parent in the city? There’s just so much to do, and there’s always something going on! Bea is still too young for us to take advantage of this fully, but I can’t wait until she’s a bit older and we can explore all that Brighton has to offer young children.

Tell us about your favourite place in Brighton & Hove city? Obviously the seafront! I love the sea; there’s nothing like sitting on the beach and staring at the sea, or people watching. Other than this, I would have to say Kemptown Village; we lived right next to the hospital before we moved, and I love the village-y feel of the place – lots of pubs, delis, flea markets and Pizzaface. It’s all about Pizzaface! All of the cafes are very child-friendly, and it’s the perfect place to meet young families.

What’s your favourite Brighton memory? I’ve got so many… Probably starfish hunting on the West Pier ruin when the tide was out with my Father – we used to collect them in buckets and take them back to our flat in Regency Square… then we’d return them to sea when the tide went back in. I’ve got so many happy memories of Brighton when I was little; my Father sadly passed away when I was 12 and he was a Brighton man, born and bred, so I always feel close to him when in the City.

What do you love doing in your spare time? Spare time? What is that with a (relatively) newborn baby? Um… Well, obviously my blog! That takes up most of my “spare time”. I love soaking in a scalding hot bath (I missed them when I was pregnant) with a good book. Nick and I are proper foodies, so enjoy going out for dinner when we get the chance. I also love getting creative with crafting; everything from painting to sewing – my current project is Bea’s nursery which is going well!

Tell us about your business or work? As I said above, I started Make, Do and Push! as a way to document my journey into the wilderness of Motherhood… from there it’s really taken off! I’m now a Google Analytics addict, and get excited by everything “blog”! I write about all kinds of things on Make, Do and Push! from Bea, to reviews, to my weekly feature “What’s in your changing bag?” where I ask other parents to reveal the secrets of their changing bags. I’ve also just started writing about wedding planning for my wedding next year. There’s something for everyone really!

I’m incredibly proud that I’ve been shortlisted for a BritMums BiB (Brilliance in Blogging) Award in the Fresh Voice category; I’m so chuffed as hundreds of blogs are nominated and only 16 shortlisted! I have everything crossed that I make it onto the finalist list of 6, but still need votes – so if you fancy putting a Brighton girl through to the finals (pretty please) then click here 🙂 I’m in the first category and voting closes on 12th May 2013. Thank you in advance!

Where can we find you?

Website: www.makedoandpush.co.uk

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/makedoandpush

Twitter: http://twitter.com/theREALjeevesy


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