Wall of Fame: Sarah, Jason Deans Homes

Working Mum with Resemblance to a Wrung Out Dish Cloth.

family photoTell us about your kids?
Two beautiful girls that are wholly independent with a zest for life. One is intensely focused and happy to play alone for a couple of hours, she’s 4 in October, she’s always been happy in her own skin with her own agenda, it’s all about role-play, jigsaws, dancing and science. Our other daughter recently turned 2. Her intelligence and behavior is similar to that of a Capuchin Monkey from South America, although she is far cuter and looks more like a bush baby from Australia. For her, life is about singing, drawing and finding new positions to get into or objects to climb over and then performing to the family. If I had to predict their careers I would suggest scientist and actress respectively.

Tell us about your partner/ family/ support network?
My husband contracted a virus 9 months into our marriage which had him in a coma for a month (our first girl was just 3 months old). This happened a year after we’d been given news that a member of our immediate family had cancer, but turned out she didn’t and 2 years after his step dad had a major heart attack which has sadly left him with a brain injury. To recap – heart attack, marriage, cancer, birth and coma all in less than 3 years. All we needed to do was move house and start our own business, then we’d take the stress levels to astronomical. So that’s what we did.
Each Peach childcare is our current support network!

Are you Brighton born and bred?
My husband was born in Brighton, he has South American roots. I was born in Cheshire and brought up in Gloucestershire. I’ve been here for 15 years.

What’s the best thing about being a parent in the city?
The seaside and quality of parks for sure and the fact that it’s crammed with children. We love the library and museums and also the fact that just a 10 minute drive away takes you deep into the heart of the countryside.

Tell us about your favourite place in Brighton & Hove city?
Home! Close the door, shhhh, comfort, safety, love and happiness. Other than that Hove Park which is super for scooting and sandpit fun.

What’s your favourite Brighton memory?
A Michael Jackson tribute night in Oceana shortly after his death. Dancing all night with my husband and then running up a tiny lane nr Borough Street and kissing!

What do you love doing in your spare time?
I don’t understand the question, what does spare time mean? Meeting new people, keeping in touch with current friends and dreaming about the day we go on holiday.

Tell us about your business or work?
We started Jason Dean, estate agency in March 2012. This was one of Jason’s requests on waking (literally on waking) from his coma. He opened his eyes, mumbled some weird stuff that we all, medics alike just thought normal since he was in a lucid state (turned out to be very insightful and fascinating, but that is a whole other story!) and one of things was “I don’t want to work for anyone anymore and I’ve seen our office”. Of course naturally our next move was to set about planning the birth of Jason Dean, whilst conceiving again. If I had to sum up my life in 3 words since meeting Jason it would be
‘Overwhelmingly unexpected & eye-opening’! I wouldn’t change a single day. Promise.

photo 1Where can we find you?
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