Wall Of Fame: Claire Jacobs From The Single Parent Pessimist

We welcome to the Hall of Fame, Claire Jacobs from Single Parent Pessimist:

Claire Jacobs
Claire Jacobs

Claire Jacobs is a 29-year-old working single mum to her 2-year-old son, referred to as ‘Chunk’ in her blogs. Claire is a freelance journalist, sub-editor, copywriter and social worker (phew!) and writes two successful blogs in her (little) spare time. Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist is aimed at giving an insight into single parenthood, as well as offering parenting tips and advice on useful products/days out. Tall, Curvy Mumma follows Claire’s journey into the unknown: Trying to be fashionable. This involves hunting for clothes and accessories to fit her tall, curvy and large-footed frame, on a miniscule budget.

Claire also writes about dating life as a single parent, which will be her main role within BrightonMums.

Tell us about your kids?

Chunk has recently turned 2, and is a tall, gorgeous ball of hyper energy. He loves all things car and dinosaur related, and his current obsession is wearing wellies all the time (even in the nudders) in the hopes he will come across muddy puddles.

Tell us about your partner/ family/ support network?

I’m currently single (feel free to apply for this vacancy) and have no financial or practical support from Chunk’s father. I have a younger sister with a rather beautiful 2 and a half year old nephew (referred to as Curly), and an amazing mum nearby.

Are you Brighton born and bred?

I was born in Lancashire, but have been in Brighton since I was 1 years old, but I still like to think of myself as a Northerner, mainly because I’m so blunt and not afraid to say what I think (plus I love meat pies!).

What’s the best thing about being a parent in the city?

There is plenty to do, and thankfully some of it is free or very low cost. There are some great children’s centres with free toddler groups, some gorgeous parks and of course the beach and marina which are great family destinations.

Tell us about your favourite place in Brighton & Hove city?

Stanmer Park has to be a childhood fave, as I used to run around the forest and greenery searching for fairies in the trees, seeing the cows and horses, and having great family picnics.

What’s your favourite Brighton memory?

When it was given city status. I remember there was such a divided debate about it (I was a teenager back then) and I didn’t really have an opinion of it so found it fascinating how many people thought it was awful to link Brighton and Hove together, and the fact that we don’t have a cathedral so shouldn’t be called a city.

What do you love doing in your spare time?

Blogging, writing (attempting an e-book at the moment), eating and attempting uninterrupted adult conversation.

Tell us about your business or work?

I have recently left my social work role within fostering, to become self employed as a way to spend more time with Chunk before he goes to school.

I’m a qualified journalist and sub-editor, so can write features/news articles, copywrite, proof read and edit documents for any companies.

I’m also a qualified social worker, so can complete Form F, Form C, SGO assessments for local authorities and IFAs.

Where can we find you?

Website: http://singleparentpessimist.co.uk and http://tallcurvymumma.wordpress.com

Facebook page: http://facebook.com/singleparentpessimist

Twitter: http://twitter.com/vampybear

Other: http://bloglovin.com/vampybear

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Single Parent to 2-year-old Chunk, and in my 'spare' time a Freelance Social Worker, Journalist, Copywriter, Proof reader and Sub-editor. Parent, Lifestyle and Plus Size Fashion Blogger to boot! http://singleparentpessimist.co.uk

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