Viva The Charity Lippy Diva 

Three days, three sassy and bright lipsticks. My school run mum look taken to whole new dimension.

When the sun started shining a few weeks back and we even managed a mini-warm-wave for April, I got the urge to shed my winter camouflage and bring out my collection of brightly coloured MAC Viva Glam lipsticks.

The Viva Glam was introduced in 1994 with an outspoken deep red, which was among my first MAC purchases and a firm favourite ever since. The range continued numerically at to VI, even adding lip glass variations along the way. The full purchase price of each lipstick goes into the MAC Aids Fund, helping women, men and kids everywhere affected by HIV and AIDS. Celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna and more recently Miley Cyrus have each co-branded further editions of the lipstick.

Yeah it's me, so what?
Yeah it’s me, so what?

My three day lippy binge started with Viva Glam Nicki (Menaj). I didn’t really have a clue who she was (still not sure) but I just LOVED the colour. It caused quite a stir at the school gates, I can tell ya! Maybe I blinded the half-asleep parents on a Friday morning after a looooonnnng hard week. This bright pink isn’t for lipstick wimps. I lay down a coat carefully, using a brush to get the shape, quick blot, another careful coat and of course….Lipcote. You can’t buy this shade in MAC stores now but I did see it on eBay for £65!!!

2015-04-18 09.34.11
My, my, poker face.

Day 2 in the lipstick obsessed household was a rather tame number surprisingly from the Lady Gaga series. Having got the hot pink out of my system, I still wanted some vivid hues but a little bit more creamy. Especially for a bog standard shopping trip to the city centre. I dabbed a little Viva Glam VI lip glass at the opening of my lips in the centre, letting it bleed out naturally.

Whatever happened to baby Claire?
Whatever happened to baby Claire?

As much as I love pink lipstick (and my daughters are a bit gobsmacked that mummy would actually *wear* pink after slagging it off so much), I will always be a devotee of the classic screen siren red. The original Viva Glam is the best, if they ever stop making it, I shall throw a New Orleans style wake. For a softer look, I dabbed on the lipstick with my fingers, working from the inside of my lips fading out. This doesn’t really work if you have thin lips, you’d need to go full on lip liner for shape definition.

Next time you fancy a stylish treat for your lips, you can’t do any worse than popping into MAC, choosing a Viva Glam and helping a very worth cause in the meantime.


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