Unmistakable, Glorious Brighton

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This week, what is all around us? General election time. Posters are popping up on windows fast, like seagulls on bin day. If this was a real indicator of how the city will vote, Labour and Green unscientifically seem to be in the lead, as their supporters appear to be the most potent poster militants.

We know already that Brighton Pavilion will be a green/red battleground with Lucas fighting to hold her seat against the perceived failures of her party comrades at council level.  While in neighbouring constituencies Labour are pushing ahead in some polls swinging back, with UKIP appearing to proliferate the Conservative vote in Kemptown and disenchanted voters moving from Green to Labour in Hove.

Whatever the outcome, Brighton is certainly not boring around election time.


2015-04-09 16.41.07-1
It’s possible some of the people in this house are going to vote Labour.



2015-04-09 16.39.20
Knock on their door at your peril.

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