Top Gifts for Mums

Sam from Mummy Looks Fab loves hearing all about the latest in Mummy gifts. IF we aren’t currently pregnant then we always know someone that is. She’s put together a list of great items for mums to be….


Here is our Top Five list of all things great for new mummies and mummies to be as compiled over 2012.

Number Five

For pregnant mummies – A Bra Fitting and Gift Voucher from

This is a thoughtful and practical gift for the mummy in your life. So many of us neglect our breast health during pregnancy and only to wonder in later years where it all went wrong! The fact is the most dramatic breast changes usually take place in the first three months of pregnancy – a time when budgets and time can both be strained – and frankly the business of getting pregnant is taking some getting used to without bothering with things like bra fittings. This is a great gift as its the sort of thing that busy women may not organise for themselves but they will really appreciate. Bras4mums stock a large range of lovely bras for maternity, breastfeeding, sports and every other application. Combine that with a personalised bra fitting from your local bra lady and you have given a new mummy everything she didn’t know she needed!

Number Four

Breastvest – For breastfeeding new mummies

The tag line on the breastvest is that only a mummy could have thought of it and how right they are. If you are thinking of breastfeeding after the birth, this is the must have, great value wardrobe staple that will see you through all your breastfeeding situations. Designed to be worn under your nursing bra and “normal” clothes, it converts any item of clothing in to something breastfeeding friendly, as you can un-button, lift up and hoike across whatever you are wearing, whilst still leaving your back, sides and tummy completely covered by the breastvest. Access is no problem – it sits under the band of your breastfeeding bra. Super soft and comfy, this is a life saver if you do not want to spend money on breastfeeding clothes right at the outset.

Number Three

Mummy Looks Fab Gift Voucher – For fashion savvy mummies

Some might think we are biased but gift vouchers are a great way to allow the mummy in your life all the freedom and choice she needs. From maternity clothes to breastfeeding accessories to luxury change bags, she will really appreciate the effort you have made to let her choose exactly what she needs. This is a great “cant-go-wrong” gift.

Number Two

Chambers and Beau – For endless brownie points

Chambers and Beau make beautiful and personalised jewellery to mark any occasion. From hand- made friendship bracelets to the simply beautiful maxi necklaces, they will make you something unique, well crafted and beautiful at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay for an “heirloom” gift. They even have a range of lovely things for the daddies in your life. All of the team at MLF HQ have got Chambers and Beau jewellery and the endless compliments, tactile nature of the piece and the fact that someone you love chose it and imbibed it with all that personal meaning, makes these pieces really special. Who needs an eternity ring when you can have a unique “Family Tree” personalised necklace….lovely.

Number One

Meg Rivers – Cake Club – For all mummies!

This tops our list of brilliant gifts for new mummies as it ticks ALL of the boxes a gift should. Its thoughtful, luxurious, excellent value for money and will leave the mummy in your life speechless with gratitude as each new cake arrives (she’ll be speechless because her mouth will be full of cake. Yay!). What better excuse to settle down with the new baby and some good friends, than the arrival of some lovely new flavour to try. And let’s face it, if you bought this for her, there’s a good chance she’ll share it with you so everyone is a winner!

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