Thermomix – The Kitchen Gadget That Has It All

Until I came across local mum-of-three Beatriz Nuez, I’d never heard of Thermomix®. A kitchen gadget that has it all, with tasty food at its heart but saving oodles of time.

What is Thermomix?

This is the future of cooking! Thermomix® lets you weigh, chop, blend, mix, grind, grate, cook, steam, whisk, knead and so much more all within one compact machine.

It will increase your quality of life by doing the hard work. You add the ingredients andThermomix® will do the rest. More free time.

How healthy will my meals be?

We know that cooking from scratch with natural ingredients is always best, avoiding all processed food often high in salt, sugar and unsaturated fat. We do our best to feed our families a balanced diet but it is a balancing act in itself at times.

Don’t know what to cook?

Helpfully, Thermomix® has a recipe website to inspire you, Cookidoo, offering seasonal suggestions to optimise your household budget and impact on the planet (by buying seasonal food). You can choose between hundreds of recipes from all continents, add them to your weekly planner and get your shopping list emailed to you.

Is it easy?

Absolutely. Time, temperature and speed are controlled on a small digital pad as well as the rest of specific options (scale, knead, turbo and reverse) If you are not sure, pick a recipe from Cookidoo and Thermomix will walk you through it step by step with fantastic results.

Is it expensive to run?

Not at all. It is cheaper than a regular hob and you can cook several dishes at the same time reducing the energy used. Good for you and good for our planet.

How will it help me save money?

Very simple. You will use less energy and you will be able to prepare many items that you buy ready made. For example soups, sauces (pesto, mayonnaise, custard…) pizzas, ice-cream…

It’s an experience best seen and you can book a free, no-obligation Cooking Experience with Beatriz to see what it’s all about. She will visit you and explain the Thermomix® benefits while cooking a three-course meal. It is fun, relaxed and ideal for a small group of friends.

To contact Beatriz or find out more connect with her on Facebook     or Instagram.

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