The Sun Mousse: The Stress Free Sun Shield

The warmer weather is here, the kids are outside expelling pent-up energy but the UVA and UVB rays don’t discriminate. But getting children to regularly apply sun cream can be a stressful battle. We went another way at a recent festival, trying the sun mousse, SPF30 protection, water resistant.

Regular readers will know, we’re fans of mousse applications – our Vamousse review for example. Maybe it’s growing up in the 80s, where hair mousse was obligatory after the age of 13. Or maybe because they tend to be light, easy to use and less slimy than using gels or creams. And what better event to put the sun mousse to the test than Funk The Family Festival at the end of May.

Festivals are particularly tricky for sun protection. You can miss so much of the action attempting to juggle regular stops for food, drink, toilet and the reapplication of sun cream. Claiming 6 hours protection, we applied at the start of the day, just after accessing the park. The girls LOVED the mousse application. Personally, I found it a bit tricky at first, as it was windy, blowing the light mousse out of my hand. While this seemed a bit of a waste, the kids were busy giggling, trying to catch it and apply the sun mousse themselves.

2015-05-30 12.24.43
6 year-old Loulou just loved applying the sun mousse.

Let me tell you, this was a revelation. Getting my kids to apply cream or use the spray is such a battle. They often use too much and end up completely greasy, their clothes oozing cream or oily spray. The mousse absorbs easily, a slight tackiness on the skin to let you know it’s there and working. It’s lightly scented, which is ideal for those who prefer not to have heavily perfumed products on their skin. I would have liked a coconut or vanilla scent, which always remind me of the summer. The 150ml canister is light and fits in my small backpack handbag, so ideal for carrying around. Not as small as Boots’ mini-sprays but manageable.

At £19.99, the price point is quite high for those on low budgets, compared to the Boots and Superdrug deals out there for example. However, I would argue, there could be a decent amount of applications in one canister, so could be just as cost effective. Also they market a kids and adult range which are both suitable to use on all within the family, therefore interchangeable. Because the mousse doesn’t clog the skin’s pores, it’s less likely to cause irritation, so suitable for sensitive skin types.

We have used it several times since, the novelty hasn’t worn off with the children at all, they love putting it on. A product offering a stress-free sun protection routine is top marks in my book.

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For more information and suncare tips on the product follow them on Twitter or join their Facebook page.

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