The Original Snoozeshade

The snoozeshade is a buggy attachement that is 50uv and prtects baby from wind or sunshine. It blacksout the buggy for a less disturbed sleep while out and about. It really has proved a must have for me. Being near the seaside means I am much more aware of both sun and wind protection.

The snoozeshade package arrived not long after buying a shade from Jojo Maman Bebe. The shade I’d bought covered the whole buggy but was basically a mozzie net which surprisingly boasts a 50uv protection. This obviously doesn’t mean the net part. Since buying it I’d been really concerned about the sun and our little red headed beauty.

A parasol just wouldn’t cut it as there was the possibility of a gap where sunshine could get through.I received my snoozeshade courtesy of and started using it immediately. It attached to the buggy easily with six fluorescent Velcro strips and has a nifty zip on the front so you can peak in at baby without disturbing little ones sleep. It protects from sun and wind and my rain cover fits over neatly so that I was able to use it in the rain too.

At first I found that I never attached it to the buggy the same way twice which gave me some nifty ways of allowing minimal light in so baby can play and have sun protection, it can be folded for added warmth and wind protection over a cosy toes.

The stretch of the shade makes it adaptable to any buggy (I tested mine on a Maclaren Quest, Obaby Sport, Petite Star Zia and on a Jeep Infinity), it needs a bit of stretching over the end of a Mothercare own make cosytoes but didn’t on my Clair De Lune. The fact the material and the Velcro tabs both have stretch in them to adapt to the shape/size of both of my buggies. Much better protection then the muslin or blacket I’ve seen pegged to many a pushchair!When not in use a small bag is provided as the snooze shade folds quite small so is ideal for the already brimming change bag.

All in all I think at the normal price of 19.99 it’s a really affordable price. But snoozeshade are offering readers of the blog a 10% discount and free delivery with the code 10FREE at

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