The Good, The Random and The Bizarre: My BritMums Live 2015

Another year, another BritMums Live. And the 2015 event has absolutely flown by. It takes a good three days to switch my brain off from the speakers, the debates and the lovely blogger bonding. My head is buzzing from the Twitter and Facebook conversations still humming around cyberspace; such creativity, such passion and so many different BritMums Live experiences. I sometimes feel like I’ve been to a completely different event to others – in a good way. A weekend packed with so many interesting people can only be good, random and somewhat bizarre.

The Good.

Finally meeting up with more than two Brighton and Sussex parent bloggers at a time…in London. Why did it take a blogging conference to get us all together? Well probably a combination of life, kids and juggling lots of balls but only the blogging gods truly know.

Going to yet another SEO session because I don’t think I understand it and realising I am actually doing most of what I should be.

Having so many people randomly smiling at me throughout the day.

2015-06-20 08.54.14Regaining the perspective that what I do is a recognised industry and understanding the value of my blog and my time with promotional partners.

Comforted by the fact that writing from the heart, with your true voice is not only emotionally rewarding but still much more likely to gain you recognition and success in blogging than writing content you think you should be writing.

Listening to @KatyHillTV telling us she turned down a promotional gig with a food company who’s products are not wholly the poster image for healthy living. She rocks.

Watching Carol Smilie present the BiBs awards like a pro. She’s a smooth operator.


Baby selfies.   Monkey selfies.

2015-06-19 16.07.56-2
Claire Jones-Hughes, Maggie Gordon-Walker and the cuddliest baby we could find.


2015-06-20 09.37.31
Visit @monkeywellbeing for more info.



Trying to start a #fascinatorbomb trend with these lovely people.

Messing around with lighting kit I can’t afford in practical sessions. But thanks to @rotolight and @thevideoffect getting tips on professional light for photos and video blogs.

Having local bloggers on the programme, speaking and reading their blogs. @chellemccann @superluckydi @mamavsteacher

Seeing brands team up with top bloggers on the stands to bring an added layer of creativity. #supersavvyme @AMummyToo and @LoveChicLiving @ JuggleMum

The Random

2015-06-20 08.12.58-2
Di Coke and Claire Jones-Hughes.

Finding out that my roomie Di Coke @superluckydi is a total 90s indie music kid like me and was mates with Mega City Four.

Walking into a curry restaurant and vaguely remembering eating there in 2011 for Cybermummy.

Being given baby bottles and trainer cups by Munchkin after talking about boobs and milk because ‘you obviously know people with babies’.

Having a minor, middle class panic when told by venue staff there was no more red wine at the BiBs party. (Only to find there was a bottle on the table for the ceremony – were they trying to pace me?).

Having a fulfilling political discussion on the South African and UK justice systems with @MumOf2.

Finding out there is actually a Joules in Brighton after lusting over their collection at their stand.

The Bizarre

Carole Smilie and Claire Jones-Hughes.
Carol Smilie and Claire Jones-Hughes. Two smiley ladies.

Talking to Carol Smilie about my periods (and no I wasn’t drunk it was in the context of this – @DiaryDoll)

Telling people who asked if I’d been before that my last BritMums Live was 2011, only to realise that was utter brain fail. 2011 was Cybermummy and I came again when it was BritMums in 2012.

Watching an expensively long firework display while trying to hail a taxi back to our hotel opposite the Honorable Artillery Company Headquarters.

Passing by a party outside a skateboard-shop-cum-bar in Hackney. Perhaps not that bizarre.

Those life sized Twirlywoos. Scared the hell out of me.



2015-06-20 14.42.56
Knit one row, purl the next.


Learning how to correct my purl stitch in between seminars with @makeitcoats.



The Best.

Coming home to two cheeky monkeys pretending to be asleep, snoring with Grandad, the biggest cheeky monkey! Then having a glass of bubbly with the most supportive mum of them all. My mum.





My BritMums Live 2015 gallery.

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10 Comments on “The Good, The Random and The Bizarre: My BritMums Live 2015”

  1. Hello claire! How did I miss you at Britmums!? Would have been lovely to meet you. Lovely round up post, and I am not too far from Brighton so I might have to join the Facebook group too, if thats okay 🙂 Tanita x

    1. Hey, thanks for the comment. The FB group is run by a couple of other bloggers locally. Not sure how strict they are on the Sussex bit! Maybe start a Kent one. ;-0) – I’m sure we’ll catch up next year. x x

  2. This post has captured the excitement of Britmums Live perfectly and I LOVE your pics! Is it June 2016 yet?! I want to come back!

  3. I love the fact you have split this into the good, the random and the bizarre… the fact you needed to split random and bizarre into two categories cracks me up 🙂

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