The Benefits Of Networking With Parents

2016-04-11 11.47.31Running your own business can be very liberating but also can be very lonely. For my part in the #MNCBusTour blogathon, I decided to explore what networking with other parents has brought me since becoming a part of The Mumpreneurs Network.

I took the plunge to go self-employed almost 5 years ago and I would never look back. But despite the freedom and flexibility it affords, there can be times where you miss bouncing ideas off colleagues and the moral support of working as part of a team that you may have known working for a company.

At the back end of last year, I was in a bit of a business rut. All my projects were going well but I felt I needed to push them more into the direction of things I enjoyed the most. I decided I loved working in social media, I actually looked forward to sitting at my desk once the kids were packed off to school. But I had no clue how to ramp up my services and put myself out there.

I joined The Mumpreneurs Networking Club to test the water about what services I should focus on. Firstly to offer social media mentoring to small business and secondly to see what training needs people had with a view to writing my own course material. Within a few months, I had worked in a successful training collaboration with a photographer on Instagram and found a brand new (and inspirational) client.

What I found at the meetings was so much more. I was overwhelmed at how positive the group were. There was not only a huge amount of energy at each meeting but a real ‘can do’ attitude. Secondly I was touched at how supportive people were. There were members who were openly going through some tough personal times and I saw other members offer help and words of encourage, at the meetings and on social media.

But what I love the most and the reason I kept going back (and took on the role of the Brighton Manager) is that the networking is full of individuals who strive to achieve something for themselves. Success isn’t always about the money but building a business and being a role model for their children.

I feel so relaxed in this environment because I don’t never feel like I have to apologise for being a working mother. I don’t have to explain why I’m not around between 3.15pm and 7pm each day while I do the school run, tea, bath and bed. I don’t feel I have to choose between motherhood and my career. In fact it’s not even mentioned. With a supportive business network such as this, mums can really ‘have it all’.

Come and ask us about media opportunities with or social media advice at the #MNCBusTour in  Brighton, 25th May, Ship Street by TK Maxx. Drop in anytime between 10am and 4pm, register here.

Join me at the Laughing Dog in Brighton Marina on 10th June for some empowering, supportive and positive business networking. We’re waiting to inspire you. First meeting is FREE! Visit this page to book.

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