Ten Reasons We Love Micro Scooters!

Ten Reasons We Love Micro ScootersThe only thing Shorty wanted for his birthday this year was a Red Maxi Micro Scooter.

His lime green Mini Micro Scooter, though *very* well loved since his 3rd birthday, was getting a bit too small, so since five meant ‘being a big boy’, he decided an upgrade was in order, and it *had* to be red!  Thanks to the lovely people who make those machines of little legged dreams, he was lucky enough to receive one.  Safe to say, he was delighted.

Obviously, an excitable five year old finding his dream gift waiting for him in the living room when he gets up (at the crack of dawn) on his birthday is not going to have a bad thing to say about his fancy new wheels, but what about a parent based review?

Honestly?  I don’t have a single bad thing to say about Micro Scooters either!

In fact, If you’re considering buying a Micro Scooter for your own little legged person (or for yourself – they do grown up sizes too!), but are wondering whether they’re worth the extra ££s compared to cheaper brands, take it from me: they are.

Here are ten reasons why:

  1. Micro Scooters are built to last.  Seriously, they are sturdy, great quality and can cope with mega mileage!
  2. They are all terrain vehicles!  Well, in as much that they can be ridden on pavements, along the seafront, on grass, on the pier… wherever Shorty goes, his scooter goes!
  3. They are SO easy to put together.  It’s literally a two minute job, and as any parent will tell you, any toy that’s ready to go within ten minutes of coming out of the box scores a LOT of brownie points.
  4. The intuitive steering is fantastic and makes scooting a breeze.
  5. The colours!  There are so many brilliant colours and styles to choose from, definitely something to suit everyone.
  6. The accessories!  Shorty was chuffed to pieces that his friends M & B had bought him a Micro Scooter bag for his birthday, and straight away used it to pimp his new ride.  As with the rest of the Micro Scooter range, there are LOTS of great (and colourful!) options to choose from.
  7. They’re adjustable in height so will last for years – and the extra height makes it *so* easy to pull your scooter boy or girl along if they wear themselves out!
  8. They look great and they don’t rattle and/or squeak – a lot of the cheaper scooters around just can’t compete – some of them are SO noisy!
  9. They encourage your child to get outdoors, get active and are great exercise – which is only ever a good thing!
  10. They make school runs and walks to the shops quick and easy – no more dawdling and straggling – in fact you might find it’s you who needs to hurry to catch up!

In a nut shell, we love Micro Scooters, and I’m sure that Shorty’s new wheels will be in action for many years to come!

For more of shorty’s adventures, DIY, crafts, and other good stuff, take a peek at my blog: Life is a To Do List.

Disclosure: I received a maxi micro scooter in exchange for this review, but all words, thoughts and opinions are my own!

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