How to stay sane (and happy) and have a happy half-term.

Its good for us to agree to always be dressed and teeth brushed by say, 10, (I’m not too ambitious – this is the holiday) and to be ready for bed by 8 (even if we agree to a late night).

My children like to have a focused play session, where I am involved, but I don’t have the stamina (or will) to do it all day, so we agree to at least one hour a day of active Mum-play, then they’re on their own.

We will also be diarising time to watch telly in our pajamas. We don’t get much chance to do that during term, and its our favourite!

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Crafty New Year – Diva lamps

Lighting candles for the dinner table on these cold, dark wet nights seems absolutely appropriate at this time of year, so while Divali is long gone (the Hindu Festival of Lights celebrated in our Autumn), when my eldest, B suggested Diva lamps for New Year, it somehow felt right. (We are a non-secular household, who feel curious and interested in all religions, festivals and celebrations).

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