Sunday Soother

Have you ever done a vision board? “What’s that?” I hear you say. Also called a dream board, a vision board is a collage or amalgamation of pictures, photos, words or even objects that inspire and excite you. The idea is to put up what you want to do and achieve, things you love and what you’re passionate about. I wanted to use this as your Sunday Soother because if you’ve had a hectic week, are having trouble relaxing or need some you time, it can really help to occupy yourself with something creative.

So … STEP 1. Grab a piece of paper or card (tear up a cardboard box if need be), some pens, glue and some old magazines.

STEP 2. Let your creative side flow and just go for it!

It might take an hour or two or it might be a work in progress that you add bits onto when you so wish. There’s no set structure or guidelines. If a quote or picture makes you simply feel good — get it on there. Create your own canvas, of all things you [insert name here], unique that you are.

Once it’s ‘done’, place your vision board somewhere you are able see it every day. Simply illustrating your heart’s desires and having it there to see, can prove to be both liberating and powerful.

Mine is on a bookshelf, on show in my flat. Everyone I know who has done a vision board finds it such a rewarding and enriching thing to do and it’s one that can involve the whole family, if you wish. I did one for the first time on my yoga course earlier this year and it was a really nourishing experience. All 20 or so of us engrossed in finding pictures, cutting them out, pasting them into place. — I felt like I was a kid again!

Vision board

Here’s mine, above, for you to get an idea of what it can be like. I lived in London until May this year so moving to Brighton was one of my big goals, hence the Brighton Dome picture. I also love time outdoors, yoga, travelling and eating healthy food. Enjoy the process and feel free to share your pictures or experiences with me on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest!



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Lucy is a vinyasa flow yoga teacher and personal trainer based in Brighton. Her passion for dance and fitness has brought her to her current position as yoga teacher, personal trainer and pre and post-natal exercise specialist. Lucy gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl early September 2014. In her spare time Lucy can be found dancing, walking by the sea, checking out live music gigs locally and baking healthy vegan goodies.

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