Start Summer Holidays with a BANG!

Believe it or not, school holidays start in less than 4 weeks.


If the holidays arrive like some unexpected mysterious mist each term leaving you dazed and confused. Staggering around on bits of lego and pencils. Wondering how many more tiny elastic bands you will pick up before you finally crack? (Is that just me?) Then NOW is the time to start planning.

My kids are always on an emotional roller coaster those first few days of the summer holidays. Tired and broken from the day to day stuff and needing to break free and run wild.

Time to give their hard working little brains a rest and have some real FUN.

So… I’m getting organised. I refuse to start the holidays screaming and shouting at my kids. Instead we are going to jump right in to celebrating summer and are off to the Whizz Bang Pop Festival in Lewes to scream and shout at some of their performers instead!

It looks like a really fun day out and a perfect way for us to celebrate the first weekend of the holidays. Absolutely loads to keep the kids busy for just £20 (really little ones are free). It’s just down the road in Lewes on Saturday 26th July and there’s more information on their website. My husband is pleased as there is Harveys on in the bar and I love the look of the Disco Shed so everyone should be happy.

What ever you decide to do this summer. It’s time to start thinking. 6 weeks of kids in the house 24 hours a day can be very testing. Much as I love the long summer days my little ones are usually bored by about day 3, the house is a mess and they are screaming at each other. Sound familiar? Personally, I’m going to try and plan a MEGA day out together at least one day a week. So when ever I hear those words ‘Mummy, I’m bored’ at least I can say there are less than 6 days to go before the next MEGA day.

I’d love your tips on MEGA FUN family days out this summer.

Have fun everyone. And don’t let the crazy looms and lego get you down!

Sarah from @afieldsomewhere

*There is a chance to WIN 1 of 10 pairs of tickets to the Whizz Bang Pop festival on Brighton Mums right now’

Read more of Brighton mum, Sarah’s, musings on her blog A Field Somewhere.

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