Sponsor My Child to learn something new for a whole year

I’m ashamed to say that my 8 year olds social life is far more exciting than mine.

She does 5 out of school activities including poetry club, gymnastics, dance and even hula hooping.

The opportunities these days are amazing. As well as all the regular stuff like swimming and Brownies she can learn anything from circus skills to flamenco, harmonica to trigonometry.

She goes to Birthday parties and makes gorgeous jewellery, has sleep over and make overs (no really), and has even spun her own pottery. She’s 8. We were lucky if we got jelly and ice cream and came home with a slice of squashed cake.

photo (59)Am I jealous?


We want the best for our kids but keeping up with all the latest party trends and out of school activities can be tough, and expensive.

When I was a kid I really didn’t get the opportunities there are today. We’re lucky enough to live in Brighton where you can pretty much pluck a skill out of the air and someone is teaching it. So I want to give my kids the chance to try as many things as possible in life.

I’ve just applied for both of my little ones to be sponsored by KalliKids for a year. That’s a whole year of FREE classes in all sorts of activities from sewing to martial arts.

It sounds like an amazing opportunity. They are covering the cost of 22 local kids to learn something completely new. You can read parent reviews on the KalliKids site too which is really helpful when you are trying to decide on a class. And they only list companies that have been recommended by parents like us. You can apply as many times as you like to Sponsor My Child and for children of all ages. Busy kids!

We’ve got our fingers crossed.

Why don’t you apply?

Visit KalliKids.com for more info.


Sarah @afieldsomewhere

Sarah is a Brighton mum of two who blogs from a field somewhere.