Single Parent (Dating) In The City: Top 10 Signs You’re Ready To Date Again

top ten signs you're ready to date

I have been single for a couple of years now, and for a long while dating didn’t really appeal. Having a baby is exhausting and then when they turn into a toddler…well there isn’t even a word I’m aware of that defines what it’s like to be MORE than exhausted.

So the thought of having to get dolled up, paint on a smile and get back into the big, scary world of dating just was not on the agenda.

But over recent months I’ve noticed a change in my feelings towards getting out there again, and even in my body language, because men have been approaching me and I have not instantly wanted to run away.

It’s just a shame that the majority of those men were a waste of breath, but it was still great to be complimented and to feel like a woman rather than a mother for a few hours occasionally.

It’s also shown me that I am finally at a stage where dating no longer scares me or feels like too much effort and I love the thought of being able to share my evenings with a beautiful man (or men as it’s been lately!).

I’ve been having a little think about what has changed lately for me, and I’ve managed to come up with my own Top Ten Signs You’re Ready To Date Again and here they are:

 top ten signs you're ready to date

  • Your bin goes out more than you do

  • Your dvd and music collections are in alphabetical order

  • You no longer recognise the names of bars and clubs that you overhear fellow single people talking about

  • You find yourself looking to buy a cat or dog to keep you company in the evenings (for me it was a rabbit)

  • You can’t remember the last time you were complimented about yourself as opposed to your parenting skills

  • You find yourself trying to fill your evenings up with things that pass the time like chores and (ahem) blogging

  • Your toddler has more of a love life than you do

  • You can’t remember the last time you wore make up and brushed your hair

  • You no longer recognise when guys are flirting with you to the horror of your friends

  • When you start smiling whilst watching romcoms, rather than gagging and rolling your eyes
Have you got any I can add to the list?
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2 Comments on “Single Parent (Dating) In The City: Top 10 Signs You’re Ready To Date Again”

  1. I’d say many of these telltale signs are interchangeable for married people too…my bin definitely goes out more often than I do!! Thanks for linking up to #TheList 🙂 Hannah xx

  2. The one about filling up my evenings made me laugh. I’m currently doing that by scrolling the internet (and coming across this) tidying up or watching a film. As yet, 2 hours after my girl has gone to bed, no decision has been made.

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