Review: Soundwave, music on the move

We were sent SoundWave speaker by
The RRP is £19.99, however we did receive this product at no cost.

Since we spend some time out and about on the beach in the summer (well when the weather is good) it seemed a great product to test out rather than use the usual computer speakers we normally lug around in our beach backpack. Plus with no wires or batteries needed it fits neatly into my handbag. It also means that your phone or tablet can be placed out of little tots reach!

Since the weather hasn’t been great we have tested this around the house. Whilst cooking, in the bathroom and around the house on a sunday morning.

For something so small the sound quality is really great. It is without a doubt better than listen to music through the iPhone’s own speakers or the computer speakers we have been using.

Oh yeah and it looks great! Available in black or white to match our iphone or ipad and with the battery lasting around 3-4 hours this little gadget is perfect for listening to your summer tunes on.

If you fancy something a bit more fancy why not try a Jawbone!


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