Review: OverBoard iPad case

Today’s guest review is Louise from All the camping gear.


Show me a mother who doesn’t like a soak in the bath and I’ll show you a family without a lock on the bathroom door. It’s one of life’s little luxuries – a hot bath, some smelly oil or bubbles and a good book.

But what if you’ve gone all 21st century and have all your reading material on a tablet or e-reader? I wouldn’t dare take my iPad in the bathroom, let alone hold it with damp hands, effectively dangling it over the foot or so of hot water that I’m wallowing in.

As someone who doesn’t really do just lying about, I really need to read in the bath in order to relax. So I was delighted to come across the OverBoard iPad case, which protects it from wet, steam, dirt, sand and pretty much anything else you can think of.

It’s a bit like an over-engineered zip lock sandwich bag. But it needs to be over-engineered in order to do its job. I struggled to open the catches to put anything in the bag the first time, but to be honest, that fact was reassuring as I was confident they would seal up properly.

I even tested it in the bath with a book (before I get brave enough to out my iPad in it!) It floats too, so if you are unlucky enough to drop it in the bath or swimming pool, you can be sure it’ll pop straight back up again.

Made from a clever plastic which means you can still use the touch-sensitive features of your e-reader or tablet, the OverBoard case is actually a pretty great solution.

I’ll be taking ours camping to make sure that my iPad stays clean and dry, and if I was a bit braver I might even take it to the beach or the pool while on our jollies. The case comes with a strap and carabena for attaching it to a bag or pram as well as some silicone packages for putting inside if you’re going to a hot or humid country.

My other half is famous for not really doing romance, but he is particularly practical and definitely appreciates the benefits of products which protect expensive items, so I’m certain he’ll approve.

If you’re sick of the scented candles and soft toys, why not drop a few well-placed hints about one of these? They even do smaller ones for smart phones.

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