Review: Out and About with Maclaren

Maclaren have kindly sponsored our Out and About page and to celebrate the sunshine’s brief appearance we were given the Maclaren Sunshade to review.

The pop up sunshade extends the hood of the buggy to provide your little on with a 50upf protection and shields baby from 99% of harmful uva and uvb rays. It’s easy to fit over the handles of your buggy and then ties at each side of the buggy underframe to fix in pace. It takes two seconds to get on and put in place and a round 30 secs to fold up and put into the handy carry case that is provided with it.

The shade when on covers the entire seat. I did find that little feet weren’t covered by the shade when used as a hood extender but it can also be pulled across the front of the buggy to provide a cocoon like shade covering when baby is asleep of facing the sunshine.

The shade retails for  £25 at House of Baby and you can find more  at

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