Review: Monster Pet

We often get review items offered to is for Fizz or ourselves. The first baby in my life often gets left out or runs away from a  screaming child shouting ‘tail, tail, tail!’

Monster Pet supplies sent us a parcel of some of the favourite cat food from their site. They had been on twitter talking things cat and offered to send Gremlin a few tasty treats.

Our cat is 6 human years old. She is very picky and very stubborn when it comes to food – just like our toddler!.

She immediately took to the Dreamies. She is a biscuit lover and wolfed these down like I had been starving her for months. St £1 a packet these are really a great price for a tasty treat.

We also had a selection of Whiskas pouches. Again we were surprised that Gremlin date these. She usually leaves wet food so we were quite happy that these could boost her diet.

I would definitely use Monster Pet to order. They are fab at conversing online, using twitter as a great customer service foundation and their prices are very reasonable compared to the supermarket that we often buy from. They have a massive range of products (over 20k) and are definitely worth checking out!

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