Review: Gone Crabbing

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I knew as soon as I opened the porch and scooped up the post that my parcel had arrived from Gone Crabbing. The smell peeking out from between all the junk mail and bills was lovely and fresh, nothing like any other bath products I had sniffed previously. I did have small reservations about opening the packet as I did consider that the smell may be too overpowering out of the wrapping if I could smell it through bubble wrap and an envelope. The smell just became fresher, if you aren’t a lover of flowery smelling soaps then I would definitely recommend trying Gone Crabbing’s range. I lathered up with Wild Lettuce and would definitely go back for more – it is still going strong 5 weeks down the road.

Gone Crabbing was launched in 2008 by mum, Susie Mason. The bold and bright logo of a Cromer Crab, also referred to as Colin, is an insight to what Susie’s family run business sells. From clothing to kitchen ware (some featuring the gorgeous Colin) there is a wide variety of gifts and home ware to suit everyone’s tastes. If you are a stationary freak like I, you will love the range of postcard packs and cards, all embracing the quirky sea side theme that runs throughout all the products.

We also received the “Perfect Day” beach towel which was very apt living here in Brighton as its design was the much loved beach hut although the ones on the towel are slightly grander than the ones donning our seafront in Brighton & Hove. With our holiday around the corner I knew the towel would be the star of the suitcase, with both girls wanting to have it in their swim bags. Being in full mummy mode I threw it around the wash before we went as there is nothing worse than blue legs after swimming when you use a towel for the first time. Happy to report that there was no loss of colour after its first wash and more importantly, no loss of fluff!

And it dries, it passed the all-important test of actually soaking up the wet rather than distributing it somewhere else on the body which is great when you have small people shivering and turning blue (much like the towel) after a swim.

The range is beautifully inspired by Susie’s home county and the many coastal regions that have been visited by her and her family. So next time you wonder what gift to buy your Brighton buddy have a look and see if Colin can inspire you to purchase something from Gone Crabbing. I know I will.

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