Quick makeup tips for new mums


Lets face it, the last thing you have time to do with a new-born is sit at your dressing table prettifying yourself, but you feel like it’s something you really want to do (well, I did anyway!) Actually in the first few weeks when your cuddly little baby is sleeping 18 hours a day you might have time… but shortly after that it becomes much harder to even make a cuppa let alone actually spend time in front of a mirror! And just you wait till they’re crawling…

Here are some makeup tips for new mums to help you feel a bit more presentable!


Concealer – this will be your new best friend. I have tried and tested many over the years and always end up going back to the amazingly cheap ‘Collection lasting perfection Concealer’ costing under £5 it works brilliantly to hide eye bags and blemishes, and even if I don’t bother with anything else I apply this before I leave the house!

Mascara – There are hundreds of different types out there, lengthening, plumping, separating… but whatever you choose to use a quick coat of mascara on top and bottom lashes will make your eyes seem like you had more than 4 hours sleep!

Highlight – the inner corner of your eye – using a light creamy shade with some subtle shimmer just dab a little in the inside corner of your eye to reflect light, it works wonders for opening the eyes!

Lipstick – any colour will do, but I can guarantee you you’ll feel more presentable with a quick swipe, and if you have time for nothing else then lipstick and big sunglasses will make you feel ten times more glamorous than you really feel.

Lauren has a lifestyle and parenting blog BelleDuBrighton.co.uk and tweets from @BelleduBrighton

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