Public Enemy: Chuck D for President

If ever a band deserved to be hyped it is Public Enemy. After seeing them for the first time at the Brighton Dome last night, I can’t remember the last time I rocked out non-stop through the show and don’t understand why Chuck D hasn’t decided to run for President next month.

This isn’t going to be a comprehensive review post of the show. I was so mesmerised by the performance, I can’t remember in which order they played and how long the set was. From the moment they came on stage I could not stand still, it was impossible. Only my block heeled Clarks shoe boots prevented my from bouncing in the air continuously. I am most definitely not ‘old skool’ possibly being only one in the house not sporting a hoodie or wearing sporty footwear. But once the music got started, none of that mattered. I necked my beer (can’t pogo with a pint) and started praying in the church of Chuck and Flavor.

At first, it was difficult to watch the Flavor Flav knowing the charges of domestic abuse hanging over him. I felt a little sick but delirious cheering him onto the stage and begging him to reveal ‘the clock’. I reconciled that with, ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and for tonight, it’s not just about him. Either their act as buddies on stage was Oscar worthy or Chuck D is the supportive friend as reported over the years. Flavor has lead a typically troubled life since achieving celebrity status.

What inspired me the most was their energy and skill. Chuck D is 53 years of age and he proudly stated, could quite easily give younger, more modern acts a run for their money. Plus, they are clearly a multi-talented bunch with DJ Lord scratching like a mad scientist on the decks, Flavor kicking it on the drums and Chuck D solving the world’s problems in one speech (Flavor tried but I wasn’t in the mood to be lectured by him currently). Chuck D casually took a swig from a bottle of water and declared, waving the bottle up, ‘water, the most precious thing on this planet’ or something like that. My heart melted, as this is exactly what I tell my eldest daughter. If he asked me vote for him or join his church at that point, I would have willingly, blindly followed.

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