Pro-tips for taking awesome pictures of your little ones

Would you like to take more awesome pictures of your little ones just by using your phone? Kids do amazing things every day but how do we take great shots quickly and easily? Local photographer, Ana from Ana Bohane Photography has kindly shared some tips for capturing those special moments.

First and most important, do NOT ask your children to pose! It just doesn’t work. Instead aim to take pictures whilst they are doing something: drawing, running, playing with lego. Simply follow the action as they play; hiding from their brother, finding a cute cat, you know what your little ones love.

Anything but saying ‘cheese’.

Ready, set, go!

It’s all about that frame, bout that frame

Make it interesting, use different angles. Experiment and go low, better shots are the ones where you are rolling on the floor with them.

Also, forget that zoom! Instead get closer to the action, zooming a camera phone distorts the image and makes it blurry. Not good.


Light, oh light, oooh liiight

Natural light rocks every time. Whatever the weather go outside and embrace your natural surroundings. Avoid strong lighting behind your subjects, unless you want to end up with a silhouette effect.

A special moment with no natural light? Take the shot! you can always use brightness and contrast or even convert the image to a black and white, it will be grainy but at least you captured that magical moment.


All you need is love

Say goodbye to props, poses and other distractions. Capturing a candid smile is worth more than anything.


…you and I!

Yes! It’s a must. Put yourself in that picture!

Your children will want to know what you looked like “way back when” one day 2017 will be a distant memory. Take more pictures!


To recap:

  • Be phone ready
  • Keep it steady
  • Go down to their level
  • Embrace natural light
  • Go with the flow
  • Have fun!

Yep, that’s it! You can do it too. Have fun capturing those gorgeous bubbas full of energy.

All images above were taken on my phone. Happy shooting x

Taking pictures is part of Ana’s daily routine, to find out more about her services, visit her website. Or why not follow her on social media (where we came across her lovely pics).

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