Partywear for those who don’t like wearing dresses

The Christmas ‘party’ season is over. And I slightly pleased. I don’t like wearing cocktail wear or traditional Partywear. Don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of glitz and glam but I don’t believe you have to wear the uniform of a dress to achieve it.

Trying to find Partywear that’s ‘my style’ can be a bit of a bind, especially if I’m shopping on the high street in full Partywear retail season. That’s where online shopping can be a lifesaver. And those stylish folks over at Fashion World asked me to look at their range to see what outfit I could put together.

Metallic Jeans & Tassel Earrings

Brighton is, and always has been, quite a casual place, during the day and going out in the evening. For a festive pub night out in Brighton before Christmas, I wanted to not overdo my look but still feel glam.

I found these gorgeous metallic mauve jeans which I wore with a black top and my faithful charcoal poncho. The waistline wasn’t a perfectly flattering fit, hence the poncho but even in a warm pub, I didn’t overheat.

I’m not a huge fan of tassel earrings but was strangely drawn to this multicoloured pair, which almost matched the jeans.

Despite my strategic layering, the jeans shone through, attracting comments due to their unique colour and texture! Glam level 3 achieved I reckon.

Floral silk-look jumpsuit

I’ve fallen love in with jumpsuits. Wear them with lace-up flats and a blazer during the day and you’ve got a casual ‘I mean business’ look. Don some oversized bling together with a pair of heels and you’ve got a chic, evening look. So versatile.

There were loads of sparkly, fancy numbers to choose from on Fashion World but this floral number popped out. I don’t usually wear flowers but I love the Japanese influence on this pattern and the flecks of my signature red to which I could pair my new red vinyl necklace from Brighton-based Etsy maker Rock Cakes.

It was perfect for pre-Christmas afternoon tea and Prosecco at the Hilton Metropole with my mum! It was a cold day, so I teamed the jumpsuit up with my suede snowboots and a long coat.

All in all, a very glam Christmas without a dress in sight, where I was actually comfortable in my skin for once.

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