October Adventures

Wow, September really did whizz by. My son has settled into Year One brilliantly and my daughter has finished at her old nursery and started a couple days a week at the PreSchool one in the Primary School grounds. The day when they actually see each other during the day they cannot wait to tell me how they had a sneaky cuddle. It is so cute.

I found getting back into the swing of things really hard this month. Not so much the getting up and getting to school on time but the things that I do once they were at school. Things have changed for me too, with a new studio to go and work in rather than littering our entire front room with sewing stuff before having to pack it all away again a few short hours later so we had space to eat.

I have taken on a new challenge too. I am now the Nearly New Sale coordinator for the Ringmer Tiddlers and Toddlers. We don’t attend the group very often but when I heard that the sales were going to have to stop because they had no one to organise them I decided it was time to give something back to the community which we live in. Plus there are always such great bargains to be had, I would really miss it. I will pop some details at the bottom of this post in case anyone is interested. It has meant a lot of organisation, emailing and marketing but it has been great to get stuck into something and get organising. Plus it is always lovely to be working with others that actually listen to what you have to say and don’t just completely ignore me like my children generally do.

A couple weekends ago, we had a free Saturday and we were all starting to get a bit irritated all indoors together so I decided it was time we all got out together. I just wanted somewhere we could have a wander, get some fresh air and wear the kids out a bit. I decided that we would go to the Ringwood Toll Woodland Play Trail. In the park grounds of Sheffield Park I had heard that there was a trail in the woods with lots of natural play areas as you go around. We have been to the gardens a number of times but never ventured into the parkland.

Ringwood Toll1

It was just perfect. A stroll over a couple of sheep fields following the sign posts (and dodging the poo) led us to some woodland. We went through the gate and the kids chose which direction we would head off in. It really was brilliant. There were trees to climb, woods to run about in. Every now and then there would be a clearing or area with things to play on, including stepping stones, balance beams, seesaws, a natural climbing wall and so much more. The biggest hit with my two was the tightrope – we had to hold their hands but they were both so thrilled to make it from one side to the other.

Ringwood Toll6

The trail isn’t that long but you can spend ages there, and going off exploring. If you have older children with bigger legs then there are other places to walk and discover. Occasionally we would hear the whistle and see the steam from the Bluebell Railway. After walking back over the fields we treated ourselves to a cream tea (adults) and ice cream (small people) in the National Trust cafe. It isn’t the cheapest option but as we had just had so much fun and not spent a penny I was feeling generous.

I highly recommend Ringwood Toll Play Trail and the surrounding area for a great day out just 35-40 minutes drive out of Brighton. With the weather we have been having it is the perfect place to embrace both the warm weather and seasonal changes and get outside and have some fun.

And if you like a bargain please come to our Nearly New Sale on Saturday 11th October at 10.30-12 at Ringmer Village Hall (BN8 5QH). All the usual clothes, books, shoes, coats, equipment, toys and much more for sale. Tea and Cake also available. Free parking available or the Number 28 bus from Brighton goes right past the door. 

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