The Natural Birthing Company Product Review

I was lucky enough to be given the Natural Birthing Company’s ‘Midwife In A Box’ set earlier this year. The products in the range were for me to use both during my pregnancy and after the birth. And what a treat! …


I use the ‘Cool It Mama’ Face and Body Spritz, as a pick-me-up every day. I find I get quite hot (and a little bothered) while carrying my lovely daughter around in the sling so this is perfect to pack in my changing bag, for a freshen up on the move. I particularly like the citrusy scent, which is very refreshing and cooling. I like to use it after a workout as well. I apply it on damp skin once I’ve showered, to feel all clean and sparkly again.

From 32 weeks or so I used the ‘Down Below’ perennial massage oil, which I highly recommend. It’s very pure and unscented so feels totally safe to apply ‘down there’. Since birth I’ve also used it to lightly massage my tummy. It’s a lovely and gentle blend (containing rosehip, apricot, calendula, evening primrose and sunflower oils) which I enjoy using on the body also.

IMG_4014The ‘Blissful Tincture’ has been my favourite of the products, to care for my C-section scar. I didn’t expect to have a C-section, so it’s a sensitive area both physically and emotionally, and having a gorgeous natural healing tincture feels like I’m really caring for my body when I use it. I find the smell quite comforting too.


The ‘Breastfeeding Survival Kit’ helped lots when I had engorged breasts. The organic cotton wash cloths supplied also are delightfully soft! ‘Ooh!’ was my potion of choice to help with my ‘football boobs’. I love the smell of geranium and the chamomile, along with other oils was super soothing. It definitely helped to ease the soreness as I lay back for some TLC. I haven’t needed to use the other oils for what they’re intended yet but I do rub them on occasionally as I really like the smell, and I find the oils help to ease my mood when feeling anxious.

As a new Mum I totally realise the value of pampering yourself. The Natural Birthing Company range has supported my recovery both physically and emotionally. The products are in line with my belief in using natural oils and products to help sooth, heal and uplift. I think it’s such a fantastic idea that two midwives and Mums have produced this range, knowing exactly what helps at different times in the pre and postnatal journey. As a pre and postnatal specialist personal trainer, I will definitely be recommending these goodies to my clients. Thanks Jane and Theresa!

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Lucy is a vinyasa flow yoga teacher and personal trainer based in Brighton. Her passion for dance and fitness has brought her to her current position as yoga teacher, personal trainer and pre and post-natal exercise specialist. Lucy gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl early September 2014. In her spare time Lucy can be found dancing, walking by the sea, checking out live music gigs locally and baking healthy vegan goodies.

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