National Burger Day: How Do You Eat Yours?

Today is National Burger Day, which means restaurants and supermarkets across the land are running promotions to get those patty juices flowing. Burgers have become a bit of a national obsession with gourmet burger bars flourishing on our high streets. How one eats their burger has become a matter of personal taste, which can divide the family when it comes to choosing your favourite outlet to grab one.

Burgers get a bad rap for being unhealthy junk food but with the advent of the gourmet burger, the nation has discovered how a lean meat burger made from choice cuts of meat can literally blow you away and not completely wreck the calorie budget (depending on what you eat with it of course!). A classic 6oz burger in a Wetherspoon’s branch is 576 calories, for example and a skinny chicken burger with salad is 443 calories. There is burger-choice out there for the health-concious diner.

And how to make the perfect burger has become somewhat of a scientific phenomenon but many of us will no doubt agree, how we eat our burgers can be very individual indeed. Some will say a moist thick patty, cooked medium with juices dripping on a brioche bun is the holy grail of the burger experience. However, plenty of people still like their chargrilled BBQ delicacy slapped in a sesame seed bun with a splodge of tomato ketchup.

My children don’t like burgers. A fact of which I used to be proud of, except when it comes to the time when I want to serve my famous homemade delights. My ‘death row meal’ would be homemade beef patties with whole grain mustard and horseradish blended in the mix, with Cajun spiced rice, salad and BBQ beans. But I can’t get the kids to eat this at all, not even without the mustard and spices! The best thing about homemade burgers is you can monitor the fat and salt content, plus they are cheap and easy to make.

If we are out and in the mood for burgers, then we would usually opt to eat in one of the many beautiful local pubs in Brighton. We have to mention our local, The Hartington, who do burgers the way I prefer them, plus hand cut chips to make you salivate. But for a kid-free treat it’s Meat Liquor all the way for me. While we’re not fans of going to chain restaurants as such, when it comes to burgers, these guys serve them just the way I like it, oozing with juices making the bun moist and washed down with bottled beer. Yes, the clientele are a touch on the pretentious side but the grub and tunes are totally worth it. We also enjoyed our experience at The New Club for our wedding anniversary earlier this year, their cocktails and meaty choices were just the ticket.

Other parents are always on the look out for good recommendations so share with us in the comments, your favourite place to grab a burger in Brighton and Hove. Or do you have a recipe for a family meal of burgers you swear by. (I need suggestions!)

Cocktails with burgers: essential.

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