Munchkin Snack Catcher – gadget or godsend?

Snack Catcher

We were given a Munchkin Snack Catcher to test with our nearly 3 year old daughter, a tub for dispensing snacks with limited mess. Given we’ve managed snack time without the Snack Catcher thus far, I have to ask is it a gadget or godsend?

I’m usually quite sceptical about what I call baby ‘gadgets’. Some items seem designed for only one or two specific purposes, offering little value for money and tend to create some illusion that life would so much harder without it. I’m a great believer of less is more when it comes to kids, especially if you’re on a budget. Items like the Snack Catcher don’t strictly fall into the ‘gadget’ department. A cup shaped pot with two Sure Grip handles either side and soft lid with what Munchkin claim as ‘finger cleaning’ nodules. It retails from around £2.05 (Argos) which makes it competitive with a good quality household container. It’s designed to be held at all sorts of angles without snacks spilling everywhere. The only arguement I have against that is, could it train your child to be a bit lazy with their dexterity? After all shouldn’t they be naturally learning not to make a mess when they eat? And sacrificing the sofa covers is just part of the process?

Her very own funky snack pot

However, after using the the product for over a week, mostly for outings in the buggy, the product really does stand out.  We tested it with a variety of snacks, working best for grapes, bananas, cucumber and most other fruit, fresh or dried or snack size vegetable preparations. We found it was a bit tricky for small biscuits or corn puff style crisps, especially when our little one can quite easily eat from a bag or packet. At 2 years and 10 months, our daughter is a little too old to get maximum benefit but it could be a good developmental tool to start 1 year olds on to learn how to feed themselves. Potentially it could bring confidence to smaller babies & toddlers to eat snacks independently without the frustration of losing half the bowl along the way.

Gadget or godsend? Well neither really, but for just over a couple of quid, making feeding a little easier & fun for the little one, having her own funky coloured snack pot is totally worth it in my view.

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