Mental Health Charity Fashion Show at Barclays Eagle Lab

Following a nervous breakdown back in February mathematics graduate and fashion obsessive Rosie Baggs’ founded social initiative Bagg’s Raggs. It was after her life was turned around by mental health charity The Corner House Mental Health Resource in Southwick.

The centre is near her parent’s house and she hardly dreamt one day she would be the one in desperate need of their support.  Over a period of 5 months she was nurtured back into normal life, onto her feet and out of the house by visiting a young persons group every Wednesday afternoon. By taking art classes, and talking to staff and fellow visitors she was slowly able to understand more about depression and her own condition. As she has gotten stronger she has found her own passion in fashion and wants to give back to the place that helped her. She has set up custom-made seamstress servic13568987_273444203019043_311200931380174776_o-2es and vintage fashion stall ‘Baggs Raggs’

“The idea was born through a period of turbulent experiences revolving around mental health and depression specifically” says Rosie.

“Creative outlets and supportive goal making are important in helping people come through periods of depression and anxiety” she adds.

‘Baggs Raggs’ is a fashion enterprise for young people. Rosie is committed to raising awareness in general for mental health and issues that people experience in their everyday lives as well as The Corner House. Her social initiative aims to raise a more positive awareness of mental health for young people (and everyone) in UK. She set up two trading shops in Brighton Open Market and the Indie-Mark in North Street to help young people get back on their feet in a safe productive environment.

Recruiting young people who are struggling mentally Rosie sets regular but unpressured goals that vary from embroidering shirts to sewing sequins onto fabulous vintage costumes.  She encourages her team Jayden, James and Liv, some who have mild agoraphobia to come to the shop and then to venture out to other charity shops to buy clothes for the project – which for many with generalized anxiety disorder is a huge challenge and achievement.

They shoot and stream weekly vlogs that they post on Facebook. Which are a important channel to young people, particularly those who are finding it difficult to leave their bedrooms. On the vlog they talk about a mixture of mental health and fashion.

The aim as the social project grows and funds are raised that Rosie will be able to offer proper paid employment opportunities to people who deal with mental health issues daily.

Rosie and her team of more than 10 experienced staff are hosting a Charity Fashion Show along with 20 young people at the Barclays Eagle Lab on 23 September from 6 – 9pm. This is a perfect chance to see their collections but also support an important local initiative.

Tickets are only £10 and limited to 100, so once they’re gone, they’re gone! All the funds from tickets and clothes auction will go towards The Corner House.

For more information, visit


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