When A Mega Parenting Day Comes Your Way


When a mega parenting day comes your way, just go with it. Today was one of those days and it needs to be celebrated.

You know the type of day I mean. They are rare but must be acknowledged. So I’m writing this post as a reminder for me (and you) that overall, we are doing the best you can as a parent. You pull out the stops where you can, squeeze out that last bit of energy where it counts.

You wake up slightly more motivated than usual. Up one hour before the kids. Get the breakfast things ready, get uniforms out, have hair brushed, shoes on, bags packed and water bottles filled five minutes before you have to leave the house.

You go back to your desk. Punch out some e-mails, meetings and kick some corporate butt (that’s for the working mums because that’s all I know right now). Then back to the school gates for pick up. You get each child, even manage a chat with some parents…no *head down* to get it done moments.

Then back to the house, where you have healthy snacks waiting. Yes, you heard right. I got my shizzle together at the weekend and made oat crackers and puffed brown rice crispie cakes with raw cacao, coconut oil and maple syrup.

THEN my eldest remembers she has homework to finish. AND she says…I can’t wait to do ALL the exercises in the homework grid. At this point I faint. The youngest managed to convince juggle mama at that point, she has no homework. The only ball I dropped but then saw the deadline is Thursday, so we have time.

We have a bath, comb dreadlocked hair, check for lice. Then it was kids tea, feed one whiny cat, pyjamas and bed. Daddy came home just in time for bedtime stories. What a relief.

So I’m back at my desk, finishing off a few bits, writing this blog and thought what an absolute fairytale-story-of-a-day. This needs to go on record. And when I’m sat with my head in my hands because they’re fighting, refusing to eat, refusing to get dressed or do homework, I can remember it’s absolutely not always like this.

So go on, do the same. Capture your mega parenting day.

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