Love Your Walls With A myloview Mural

Putting up a vinyl mural was surprising easier than I imagined. The lovely folk at myloview sent us a mural of our choice to install in our daughters’ bedroom. For a couple of DIY novices, it took about 30 minutes in total to brighten up a dull white wall.

Our toolkit for vinyl mural installation.

About 3 years ago I bought some paint, stencil equipment and some brushes with every intention of designing a mural for the girls’ bedroom. Those items are now gathering dust in the loft as I finally admitted defeat this was something I just didn’t have the patience to design and draw a mural. Yes, I can draw adequately, I passed A-level art but I doubt I could create an inspirational mural the girls would love and identify with.

As with most people with small children, home improvements are a bit of an ‘as and when’ luxury. Unless you have loads of cash to throw money at the problem, jobs are done at an excruciating slow pace. So when I saw myloview’s lovely collection of design and they offered a mural for us to review, I sat my 7 year old down to choose one for their wall.

After a bit of measuring and positioning, we swiftly pulled the backing off the adhesive back and fixed the mural to the wall. Watch our ‘how to’ video on YouTube to see how we did it and the final result.

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