Love Local: Raw Food with Pure People

purepeople125Today, we’re hearing from Severine Lee about the Raw Food workshop she attended, hosted by Sarah from Pure People.  Over to Severine:

I came to this workshop with both apprehension and anticipation. In terms of Raw Food diet, I didn’t know much, but being a vegetarian and loving healthy options and raw food, I figured out that going to a raw food workshop might A) give me new cooking ideas and B) inform me a little on nutrition. I hoped that by the end of it I could add elements of the raw food diet to support my diet in my fitness research. I have always been in two minds about specific diets and going to a workshop promoting the raw food diet would be a challenge. I was surprisingly enthralled within minutes. Sarah’s workshop was uncomplicated and followed a meal plan (Breakfast / beverages and lunch).

When Sarah said to come hungry I took it literally and came starving. It was a real treat! Having the workshop in her own house and kitchen made the workshop easy and the host at ease with her attendees. In terms of nutritional facts Sarah kept it simple and to the point. She is a great cook and passionate about real food, working with a very open mind she is not evangelical about her vegetarian/veganism but is genuinely interested in sharing her knowledge and passion for good food. Sarah is a mother not just a businesswoman trying to make money, and this translates not only to her cooking but also to her supportive words to her attendees who want to try new cookery tips and tricks.

The workshop and hand out (printed or email – she’s one green lady!) included many resources, some simple tips on how to ‘Eat More Raw’, where to get your ingredients such as shops, farmer’s markets & box schemes (supporting the local economy- BIG thumbs up), books and sites to consult, even affordable alternatives to any expensive equipment needed.

As a result of this wonderful workshop, I discovered a new way of cooking and enjoying vegetarian food, tasted some delicious food and have already purchased some Raw Food Cook books. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in alternative ways of cooking vegetarian and to parents who would like to introduce some new types of food to their children. As a mother I am positive that my daughter will enjoy tasting these new dishes and helping to prepare some dishes with me.

Sounds delicious! You can catch up with Severine on twitter by following @AussiePixie – thanks for the great review Severine… is it lunchtime yet?!

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  1. Whether a raw food diet is right for really comes down to your lifestyle. This is a difficult diet if you have a busy lifestyle, as there’s a lot of prep work involved, and finding raw options on the go can be difficult.

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