Jean Genie – Timeless Classic

Another autumn, another new pair of jeans for me. They’re the genie of your wardrobe, granting every style wish for every occasion.

I don’t really follow fashion any more. I don’t know if it’s an age thing or maybe that there’s so much choice on the internet, that I no longer need to be held to ransom by high street shops and what they consider ‘fashionable’.

A pair of jeans is a staple garment. That’s me today. Mum of two, self-employed, still likes to go out on the town.

But I didn’t start wearing them until I was 19. When I was in my teens, everyone was wearing jeans and I was not one for following the pack. I favoured Andrew Ridgely over George Michael for goodness sake!

At Uni, I found a pair of grey faded Levi 501s in a charity shop. They were beautiful. I teamed them up with a gingham fitted shirt and leather jacket.  That was my look. I even wrote a song about my ‘Lucky Levis’ during my ‘I want to be PJ Harvey’ years. It was a watershed moment for my personal style. Mainly because I realised I didn’t have to embrace the traditional blue jeans culture – there was a whole world of denim to discover.

That’s why each autumn/ winter I hunt out a new pair, a different style to the year before. This year my hunting ground was JD Williams I was impressed by their range but also their online personal style advisor. You take a quiz about your body shape and style preferences and it throws out ensembles for you to consider. I’m quick picky but around 3 of the 5 outfits they showed popped off the screen at me.

I paired it up with this gorgeous wrap around jumper in my signature red. The outfit is incredibly versatile which, as a busy mum, is so important to me. I’ve worn it for walks on the beach, lunches out and business networking meetings.

Sticking with the red theme, I selected a second top to go with jeans, feeling it would flatter my rather large chest but also show off my slender legs.

I was kindly given these items to review by JD Williams. And my readers know I don’t write about stuff I don’t rate. If you’re stuck in a bit of a fashion rut for autumn/ winter I highly recommend trying their style advisor – it’s you’re own personal genie! Free with no obligation to buy a stitch of clothing.

petite jeans

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