It’s the little things that are done differently with the second child

It may come as no surprise that a survey of 3,000 mothers commissioned by leading nursery brand Munchkin revealed that 75% feel more relaxed with their second child.

I’m on the cusp of giving birth to baby number two and often try to imagine what life with two offspring is going to be like. Reading the results of this survey helped answer a few questions, although I know that each child, each family is different. Interestingly the study showed that mums are less likely to splash out on as much new stuff, happier to accept second hand clothes and toys. With the challenging area of feeding it also revealed that a second child will more than likely go onto solid foods earlier with them sharing family meals rather than parents making them specially blended meals. A quarter of mums admitted they felt more relaxed and confident with their second child. Dr Amanda Gummer, a leading authority on child development, play and parenting with over 20 years experience commented on the results, “These findings suggest that it’s the little things that mums do that are different with their second child. With two, mums naturally start to work smarter because they have so much to get through each day. Generally when the second child comes along, mums have become much more confident in their parenting abilities and developed their own style.”

Five things mums admitted to doing differently with their second child

1.     Leave to entertain themselves for short period whilst they get on with some housework

2.     Started weaning them slightly earlier than six months

3.     More willing to accept second hand clothes

4.     Spend less money on toys and treats

5.     Let them watch ‘older television’ at a younger age than their older sibling

Munchkin produce a range designed to support parenting and make life a little easier. We first came across Munchkin (without realising it) in the U.S. where I discovered fabulous BPA-free Dora the Explorer sports bottles with a soft nozzle. Our daughter was 14 months and developing fast, so a perfect stop-gap in between spout drinking and cup with no spills. Sadly, they don’t do the exact same one in the U.K. (we’ve already bent their ear about that) but there are similar products. Here’s what looked good for us at

White Hot Safety Ducky – This clever little duck uses a patented White Hot Technology which lets parents know if water / food / atmosphere is too hot. Simply pace the duck in the water and the words ‘hot’ will appear if the water is too warm. £2.79

Snack Catcher – there’s some baby and toddler gadgets that are worth buying and the Snack Catcher is an award winning container ideal for fidgety kids. Pop the snack in and it will stay safe even if the container is being held upside down or thrown around. The unique flaps mean that your child can pick up a snack but stops any crumbs from falling out. £3.69

Travel Booster Seat – Winner of the Mother & Baby Gold Award in 2010, this travel booster seat is ideal for feeding baby on the move, transforming from seat to bag in seconds plus an inner pocket to store all your feeding and travel accessories. Easy to clean, it has two adjustable height positions and a 3-point harness so baby is safe and secure at every mealtime. Retailing at about £19.99 it’s good value for such a versatile product.

Snack Tower – you may think to yourself, what’s wrong with bog standard plastic tubs? However, we liked the stackable interchangeable feature  and the fact they are slimline to fit in changing bags/ handbags, whatever takes your fancy! Retailing at around £9.99 makes them super value, especially if you’ve got more than one child to keep satisfied whilst out and about.

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