It’s All About Mee – Local Mum Wows Talent Judges

Local singer, songwriter Mee has made it through to the regional final of MTV’s Live and Unsigned. Local mum of three, 36 year old Alexandra Sawyer, known as Mee on stage, impressed judges and beat out stiff competition at the audition stage of the UK’s biggest original music competition. Mee will be performing her own songs to a crowd at the Hove Centre, where judges and the audience will vote on the best performer. She talks to about her journey so far.

The genius of modern technology means we connect via Skype for the interview. With five kids between us, it’s the less stressful option. Alexandra is unfortunately poorly and calls me from her sickbed but it doesn’t affect her enthusiasm. She started out in bands such as YuMamaMeeMama their writing themes were around motherhood and family life. She went solo at 30 years old, inspired to follow her dreams, so she in turn could be a role model to her kids. While looking for a performing name, she struggled to come up with a moniker that summed her up, ‘I’m just me’ she thought, which then gave her the idea for her stage name. ‘It’s all about Mee,’ she explains, ‘as a mum it’s important to stay on top of your own needs, if we run ourselves ragged we’ll be no use to anyone.’ She admits she would love to hear people shouting, ‘I love Mee’ at her gigs, as well as cheering for her performance, people would be doing a mild form of self-appreciation therapy.

As a Christmas gift, Alexandra’s sister paid for tickets for the MTV Live and Unsigned auditions. The idea of a talent ‘reality’ show didn’t appeal to her, she’s a songwriter and wanted to showcase her own music. She confesses she didn’t ‘try’ too hard at the auditions, she wanted to be herself, a strategy which most certainly paid off. ‘I was up against, hundreds of really talented people,’ she tells me excitedly, ‘it’s a great competition to be a part of.’ Even those who make it to the finals but don’t win the competition get scouted for recording contracts or go on to have careers in the music industry.

Alexandra has three children, a 9 year old daughter and two sons, aged 7 and 3 years old. What her kids think of her music? ‘My kids have been subjected to made up lullabies since they were babies, so they are used to my signing.’ Her daughter also has a good singing voice but mum feels it’s a little too early to push her in the direction of performing. ‘I want them to express themselves first and have fun with it, we can look into voice coaching later.’

After the likes of X-factor and Britain’s Got Talent, MTV Live and Unsigned is one of the UK’s biggest talent competitions. Industry judges for the competition nationally include Noddy Holder, Annie Nightingale and Tom Deacon.

Regional finals of MTV Live and Unsigned will be held April 29th, 2012 at the Hove Centre, Hove Town Hall.

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One Comment on “It’s All About Mee – Local Mum Wows Talent Judges”

  1. Thank you Brighton Mums for supporting “Mee”!
    I have been singing and teaching children and adults all through my life…
    When my first child was conceived, right to the arival of my third, they have only brought me motivation, to go for my wildest dreams, inspiration and courage to dare to imagine.
    Children are a source of power and joy that one can tap into and join in with!
    Fun is endless, life is a gift so lets live it.


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