The importance of a holiday #Staycation

The thought of a holiday can seem like a dream for many of us, whether you fly long haul or book a cheap B n B just a few miles from your home, a break away from everyday stresses can do us all the world of good.


We have asked our Brighton Mum’s what a holiday means to them, have a read of our ladies thoughts.

Lucy – I think a holiday is vital to refresh and restore your energy levels for every day life. It’s so important to relax, switch off and enjoy days of quiet time with my fiancé, just us two. We’re soon to have our first baby so it’ll be us three soon 🙂 Personally I also enjoy switching off from technology; putting my out-of-office on, turning my phone off and living very simply. It gives me the time and space to reconnect with who I am away from my job and seeing other people and to appreciate my partner/family even more while spending lots of time together.

Lauren – Holiday is important to us because it’s time away from the ‘norm’… even if it’s just a few days away with friends, it’s time with less distraction from the every day mundane and time to focus on each other.

Crim Bo – Holidays, especially rainy camping trips in the UK, provide the opportunity to remember how cosy home can be on your return. To relinquish those roles that keep the well oiled family machine turning back home and to see different sides to each-other can be really refreshing.

Kelly-Marie –  Right now I am sat with my family around a fire, with the kids sleeping in the tent. It’s just great to get away, spend time together without the usual routines and chores. It’s great to be outdoors, the kids love the opportunity to be free and run around. Rain or shine, we always make the best of it.

Claire – For me it’s a mental break from my home environment. I still have to be a single parent away, but I’m not distracted by housework, I get different walls to look at and it forces me to relax of an evening. It also allows us to have quality time with no distractions which is vital.

Vicky – It’s time to enjoy each other away from the stresses and time pressures of everyday living. To step back and really appreciate life, whether it’s a home holiday without the normal rules or a trip away with different sights and smells. Change from the norm is always healthy!

Chelle – Time to reconnect as a family, spend some quality uninterrupted time together, enjoy a change of scenery. We’ve only been on 1 family holiday (jersey last summer) and it was lovely to just feel free of home and work.

Roxy – For me and my son its to remember what is important (us as a family) away from the everyday stresses and worrys, for some chill out time and enjoy each other’s company and to create more memories. Also to appreciate the little things and how precious time is.

Simone – Since my daughter was born, we’ve had two family holidays a year. One is just the three of us. It’s a chance for us to explore new places and spend time together without the stresses of running a household. Holidays give my husband, who unlike me works full-time, the chance to spend additional time with our daughter. Our other holiday is with my husband’s family; we live in different parts of the country so our holiday gives us the chance to relax more than we do in our usual meet ups where someone from the family is always acting as hos

Do you go away each year with your family? Have you tried and tested the staycation route before?