How Frequently Should You Change Your Hairstyle?

If you’re a fan of the alternative aesthetic, you’ll no doubt have noticed that the hairstyles in it are often very changeable indeed. One of the reasons ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS was founded is to help you explore all these options, but there’s one thing that you’re going to have to decide for yourself – how often should you change your hairstyle? To help you make a decision, we’ve broken it down into a few lists of things to consider.

It is said that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. So why let it play second fiddle to your clothes? To the modern woman, her hair is an integral part of her personal style.

Over the past century, distinctive hairstyles have associated with particular subcultures, from the brightly-coloured mohawks of punks, slickly shaven skinheads, the drooping fringes of emo kids and the retro curls of rockabilly and pin-up babes. To the mainstream lady, there was usually just one or two dominant styles and they were worn by everyone. These days, however, fashion has evolved to include all aspects of one’s appearance.

Long, parted, perfectly-cut hair accessorised with a cute headband is the perfect preppy look, beloved by students and girly-girls. An undercut gives an element of rebelliousness and edge to trendy hipster types: in the cool parts of town, the undercut has indeed become as ubiquitous as skinny jeans and flannel shirts. For the classic French it-girl, natural is the ultimate in chic. They tend not to colour their hair and avoid looking overly-styled at all costs, opting for messy, brushed out curls and soft textures rather than stick-straight locks and heavy styling products. On the flip-side, unnatural hair colours are no longer the sole domain of punks. Dip-dyed ends, streaks and all-over colour jobs in all the colours of the rainbow are being adopted by models, celebs, bloggers and street style stars. Not for those who are afraid of attention, colourful hair is a striking look that really gets your noticed.

Hopefully, these examples will give you an idea of just how important hair can be to your overall look! So if you’ve just been letting your hair grow merrily away without a second thought, it could be time to pay it the attention it deserves. When was the last time your changed your hair’s cut and colour? Is your hairstyle a good fit with the rest of your clothing and accessories? Does your hairstyle make an interesting contribution to your look, or simply sit there unnoticed? ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS is a good starting point for those looking to find and book a hairdresser in the Leeds area. Take the time to do your research and decide on a hairstyle that is flattering, appropriate for your lifestyle (not all of us have the time to spend an hour doing our hair every day!) and matches your personal style.




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